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A form of popular music which evolved from rock and roll and pop music during the mid and late 1960s.

Bob Burger- The Weeklings and More

Bob Burger

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

Influences and Bands

Bob is from Erie, Pennsylvania, who transplanted himself to the New Jersey music scene in the 1980’s. His biggest influences are: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, all to whom he does occasional tribute concerts. Bob has played with many well-known musicians from New Jersey and is part of the Max Weinberg band, “Jukebox.” Bob released his first solo album in 2003, titled Cymbals at Dawn and is working on his fourth.

Who are The Weeklings asks MUSICXPLORER?

The Weeklings are a band whose music is inspired by The Beatles.The band came together as a result of Glen Burtnik and the Beatles tribute shows he was doing. Since the launch of their first album in 2015, the band has received great reviews. The band’s latest release “3” (their third album) is doing extremely well. Check out their song and video below of their latest single, “In the Moment.”

Video interview with Bob Burger

The Weeklings “In The Moment”

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Lou Reed and Brenda Sauter

Brenda Sauter- The Feelies Bassist

Brenda Sauter- The Feelies

The Feelies

Brenda is a multi-talented musician, as she sings, plays bass, guitar, and piano. Brenda has been a member of The Feelies since 1983 and has recorded with them since their second album, The Good Earth in 1986. The Feelies have been a highly-influential band to such artists as R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Weezer, Wilco, and others. Some of the bands’ highlights are appearing in Jonathan Demme’s film, Something Wild, opening for R.E.M. in 1986, and Lou Reed in 1989. The Feelies currently play 10-15 shows each year (mainly along the East Coast) and have released six albums and several EP’s.

Brenda’s other bands

Brenda has also been involved in other bands associated with The Feelies. She began in 1982 by joining The Trypes, Yung Wu (with Dave Weckerman fronting the band), and the The Willies (a more ambient precursor of the 1983 Feelies lineup). These bands were and still are from Haledon, NJ. Brenda joined Speed The Plough in 1991 after The Feelies stopped playing. She joined other musicians, including future husband, Richard Barnes, in 1992 to form Wild Carnation. They have released two CD’s, and a third to come.

Video Interview With Brenda

The Feelies “Doin’ It Again”

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Bruce Engler

Bruce Engler-Singer/Songwriter

Bruce Engler


A Passion for Blues and Rock

At an early age, Bruce was fascinated by guitars and built his own guitar when he was just seven years old, and he has been playing ever since. Bruce is a blues-based singer-songwriter, and his influences are: Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers, and Jackson Browne to name a few. Bruce has played with many well-known musicians including, Wings’ drummer Steve Holley, bassist Paul Page from the Ian Hunter Band, and DownTown Mystic guitarist/vocalist, Robert Allen, and many more. Bruce has appeared onstage playing blues-rock music at New York City, Los Angeles, and San Diego venues for over three decades. Bruce’s songs have been featured on prime time TV shows in the U.S., as well as internationally. Bruce has also had a career in the audio side of the music world as an audio technician for music videos, movies, radio, and more. His song Goodbye was used in the television show, ZOO. His publishing company is called Twincliff Music.

Steve Holley and Bruce Engler
Steve Holley and Bruce Engler

New album in the works for 2020?

Bruce’s new album is not yet titled, but the first single was recently released titled, Not You and Me. The album will be Bruce’s first new album in seven years.  His previous two releases are Go Back (featuring Steve Holley, Paul Page, and Robert Allen) released in 2012, and Hudson River Anthology, released in 2013. The single and video from the album, Somewhere In-Between, has received a lot of attention. The video was directed and shot by Netherlands based DP, Roeland Bentvelzen.  Music features Brett Engler on Drums, Dave Hedden on Percussion, and Angus McEachern on Bass Guitar.

Jamsphere Magazine had this comment

“Bruce Engler’s vocals are captivating all the way through and the songwriting writing is just brilliant.”Jamsphere Magazine, January, 2020

Video interview with Bruce Engler

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Video of “Not You and Me”




Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald – Guitarist for the Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band- TUSK

Scott is a founding member of the highly successful band. He discusses the band, Lindsey Buckingham, and his upcoming solo album.

MUSICXPLORER asks what is the history on Tusk?

The band has been together for almost 12 years. Scott and Tom Nelson have known each other ever since they were toddlers. They were both mutual friends with Kathy, Kim, and Randy since the early 1990’s. A mutual friend of the band suggested to them that they form a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, and the rest is history. The band has been playing to sold-out theaters across the country, and will be going to Hawaii for the first time this April. Their Youtube video of The Chain has reached over two million views!
We did our interview with Scott at the Count Basie Theater in Redbank, NJ. The band played to an almost sold-out crowd of 1,400. In the video interview, you can see Bruce Springsteen’s guitars in a case as the backdrop.

The band recently had one of the rarest opportunities for any band, to be able to play with an orchestra.

Scott- “We did the show with a 65 piece orchestra. We met Jim Ross, a viola player with The Desert Symphony, who had played with The Eagles recently, and they were top-notch pros. It was a fantastic experience. We performed a 75 minute set to an audience of approximately 900 plus people.

Tusk with the Desert Symphony
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band -TUSK
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band -TUSK


New solo album to be released this year.

Scott is working on his latest solo album, and it is being produced by Brian Anthony, set to be released later in 2020. Tom from Tusk is on most of the album, while the other members of Tusk are on some songs. The album is going to be more hard rock than Fleetwood Mac songs, but will still have pop elements. MusicXplorer will follow up with Scott after his album is released,

Video interview with Scott McDonald

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Marc Jonson Singer/Songwriter

Marc Jonson

Critically Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

Who is Marc Jonson asks MUSICXPLORER?

Marc Jonson, is a singer/songwriter from Merrick, New York. Marc got his start in 1972 producing his own album, Years, with Vanguard Records. He has worked with a lot of artists over the years, and a number of them have recorded his songs, including Dave Edmunds, Robert Gordon, Paul Butterfield, and many others. Marc has also co-written songs or performed with Willie Nile (appearing on most of his albums), The Smithereens, Lisa Loeb, Shawn Colvin, and Suzanne Vega to name a few. His latest recordings will appear on his upcoming album, When, to be released in 2020. Marc’s latest collaboration is with a band from Spain, Compañía de Sueños Ilimitada, and their first single together is, My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like the Ramones.

Rolling Stone Magazine Review of Marc Jonson’s “Across The Night”

One of Marc’s most recent songs, Across The Night, was written for the SS United States Conservancy to help raise awareness of the historic ship’s fate performed at the Union League in Philadelphia. David Dalton, author and founding editor for Rolling Stone Magazine, said this about the song: “So great! I felt like I was on that liner leaning on the rail looking out at the stars in the night sky, and the lapping waves.”


Marc Jonson and Marianne Faithfull
Marc Jonson with The Smithereens


Video interview with Marc Jonson

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