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Gary Mallaber

Drummer – Song Writer – Arranger – Producer – Engineer

Highlights From Part One

Gary Mallaber started his career in Buffalo, NY, playing drums with his band, Raven. The band was getting noticed in 1968 and moved to New York City.  They soon found themselves  jamming with Jimi Hendrix and met Eddie Kramer. They were opening for Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, and others. George Harrison and Peter Asher were even interested in Raven, but the band fell apart.  Soon after, Gary was in search of Van Morrison.

Searching for Van Morrison and making Moondance

Gary arrived in the Village in NYC, and quickly found Van Morrison at a local music spot. He noticed there were no drums, and asked if he could bring his kit.Gary was in and was soon recording the album, Moondance with Van. We talk to Gary about the history of the album and what it means today. We chat about the tracks, his favorite songs, the mixing of the album, and how Van was open to band contributions; such as, Gary adding Vibraphone on Crazy Love, and helping Van to mix the album.

Interview with Gary Mallaber (Part 2)

Gary with AJ Croce” Operator”

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