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Egnater Mod 50 Guitar Amp at Daryle's House

Featured article - Egnater Mod 50

Egnater Mod 50 A rockin’ custom guitar amp with swappable modules for a flexible sound Who is Bruce Egnater? Before we begin on the the Egnater Mod 50 amp, let’s get some history on Bruce Egnater, for whom the amp is named. Bruce is from the Detroit area and was a guitar player in the …Read More

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Bubba Grouch — Tin Whiskers

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Buddy Sparrow

Johnny Pisano

Bubba Grouch

Jacob Daniels & the Rounds


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Egnater Mod 50

Man Of A Thousand Cymbals — Dave Oxenburg

Taylor 114CE & 524CE Guitars

Wally Heider UA610 Console

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One Step Back — The Splooge Movie

The Darress Theater

Jimi Alan — Rockslide Studios

Bill Baker, Guitar Tech

Audio Player

Bubba Grouch — Tin Whiskers

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