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Jon Scott and Tom Petty

Jon Scott- Promotion Man

How did Jon know Tom Petty?

Jon’s career started in Memphis as a DJ and then moved to being a promotion man in the 1970’s and 80′ for MCA and ABC records, his career is a fantasy to anyone who loved Rock n’ Roll in the 1970’s. When Lynyrd Skynyrd was the opening act for The Who in the early 70’s, Jon was there with Pete Townshend and saw the early jaw dropping reaction to FreeBird. He witnessed some of Keith Moon’s legendary antics and was one of Tom Petty’s best friends. Jon was so proud of Tom and the Heartbreakers, and they loved him. After Tom passed, Jon decide to write a book “Tom Petty and Me” it is about his own career and his personal relationship with Tom.

Tom Petty and John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp and Tom Petty are forever grateful to Jon for helping to jumpstart their careers and getting their music on the radio. John Mellencamp personally wrote in the Foreward section in Jon’s book, and saying that there will never be another guy like him. Tom Petty even thanked him in front of 20,000 people at the last concert he ever did at the Hollywood Bowl. Check the videos out below.

Part one of a three part series

Video interview with Jon Scott (Part 1)

Tom Petty thanking Jon at his last concert

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