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thumbnail IMG 6811 1 Chuck Conrad and Kingfish

Chuck Conrad 

George Thorogood and Building Studios

Chuck Conrad is a carpenter and guitarist, turned guitar craftsman. Chuck is from the Philadelphia area and started playing and taking guitars apart when he was just a kid. Before Chuck honed in on his carpentry craftsmanship, he was a roadie in the band, Flamin Harry, but he quit right before they got a gig opening for George Thorogood at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. He was devastated, but carried on, and went to GIT in California and became a studio carpenter working at Sunset Studios and Chalice.

CGS and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Chuck never stopped tinkering with making the perfect guitar. In 2017, he finally found it and and is now shifting away from studio carpentry to making his CGS Guitars. For the last five years, Chuck has been studying wood, tone, and getting the right shape. Chuck has a finished inventory and is ready to make your guitar. Chuck saw Chris on YouTube playing a Michael Burks song and was so impressed, he offered to make him a guitar. Chris was ecstatic, not only did Chuck make him his first guitar, but he made him two. They remain friends to this day.

Interview with Chuck Conrad (Part 1)

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