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SEBA JAR STAGE Sebastian LaBar and Jaron Gulino

Sebastian LaBar and Jaron Gulino of TANTRIC

MACH22, Slash, and Jeff LaBar

Guitarist, Sebastian LaBar and bassist, Jaron Gulino, of Tantric, talk with MusicXplorer about when they first met in 2014, when they were both in Philadelphia-based band, MACH22, through their current gig in Tantric.
Sebastian started playing guitar when he was a teen and was influenced by his father, Jeff LaBar (guitarist of band Cinderella), Angus Young, and all guitarists that have played with Ozzy, including Zack, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, and Tony Iommi. Jaron started playing bass when he was a teen because he thought the instrument was pretty cool, and a bassist is always in demand due to the lack of them.
Sebastian and Jaron joined the band, MACH22 in 2014, fronted by Lamont Caldwell on vocals. Soon after, they recorded the debut album, Sweet Talk Intervention, engineered by Ronnie Honeycutt, and produced by Sebastian’s father Jeff LaBar, of Cinderella. The band produced two more recordings, the EP Like My Chances (2015) and the EP Working Off The Clock (2017) before Sebastian and Jaron joined Tantric.

Tantric and Muddfest

Jaron had been doing gigs and holding down a day job, but gave up the desk job when he joined Tantric in 2017. He had been doing some gigs that involved drummer, Troy Patrick Farrell. Troy asked if he would be interested in helping him with Tantric, and he immediately jumped on the opportunity. Soon after, Tantric needed a guitarist when Tommy Gibbons left.  Jaron immediately thought of Sebastian. He was a great fit and joined in late 2017, and have been playing together ever since. The band often shares tours with Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, and Saliva, especially during Muddfest, a summer tour headlined by Puddle of Mudd.


Interview with Sebastian and Jaron

Tantric- Letting Go

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