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CC Coletti- Meatloaf, Solo Career and Janis Joplin Tribute

CC Coletti – Vocalist

CC Coletti Band

CC, a New Jersey native, started singing and creating music at a young age. Her main influences are: Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, and Aretha Franklin. CC has two solo releases, Woodstock Lane, released in 2008, and her sophomore release, Let It All Hang Out in 2013. In addition to her second solo release in 2013, she recorded Bring It On Home with Chesky Records, a modern play on Led Zeppelin songs. Her latest release is a single with Anthony Krizan, called Crazy.

The CC Coletti Band has been the opening act for: The Doobie Brothers, Meat Loaf, The Outlaws, Brett Michaels, The Smithereens, South Side Johnny and The Asbury Jukes, and more.

Experience Janis

In 2009, CC put together “Experience Janis,” a tribute  to Janis Joplin.  The first song she learned to sing was, Me and Bobby McGee, so it came naturally for her to form the band. The success of “Experience Janis” has grown enough where the demand requires them to play theaters.

Meatloaf 2003-2011

CC Coletti (Carolyn Coletti Jablonski) is known worldwide as a background vocalist with rock and roll legend, Meat Loaf and his Neverland Express World Tours from 2003 through 2011. CC can be heard on the Bat Out Of Hell Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra CD/DVD and 3 Bats Live DVD.

Video interview with CC Coletti

“Mercedes Benz” Video

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Tom Guerra- Solo Artist, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Writer


Guitarist for Mambo Sons and a Solo Artist

Tom Guerra, a solo artist, songwriter/guitarist whose credits are extraordinary. He has worked with a lot of well-known musicians throughout his career and has been in bands including Mambo Sons, The Dirty Bones Band, and The Delrays. Since 2014, he has released four solo albums, including his brand new release, Sudden Signs of Grace. The video for Sudden Signs of Grace features cameo appearances by many of his musician friends, such as, Dan Baird, GE Smith, Christine Ohlman, Jon Butcher, and Morgan Fisher, to name a few.

Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine and more

Besides being a skilled songwriter/guitarist, he’s also known for his features in Vintage Guitar and ToneQuest Report magazines. One of his most treasured articles is his story on Andy Fraser, the bassist for the band, Free. Andy saw the article he did about Paul Kossoff, and asked Tom if he would write his story.

Video interview with Tom Guerra

“Sudden Signs of Grace” Video

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Tony Black – An Eclectic Bassist


An Eclectic Bassist

Tony Black is a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. Tony is from California and graduated from the Los Angeles Music Academy. Some of his first bands were with Buckethead and Dr Know. When Tony moved to Asheville, NC, he hooked up with a band that also happened to be Artimus Pyle’s (of Lynyrd Skynyrd) band. After being with Artimus for a while, he was then asked to join The Marshall Tucker Band, playing with them through 2019. He is currently working on two albums – his first country folk album, as well as a modern jazz album with the band, Black Arts Ensemble. Check out Tony’s web site at http://tonyblackbass.com.

Video interview with Tony Black

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Danny Miranda of Blue Oyster Cult

Danny Miranda

A Bassist Living the Dream

Danny Miranda, a bass player from Long Island, had his first major break when he auditioned for Blue Oyster Cult in 1995 (a story that Danny tells in the video interview below) after their temporary bassist, Greg Smith, had decided to work with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. It wasn’t as if he were going in cold for the audition, since he already knew BOC songs and had previously jammed with Eric Bloom in the past. Danny stayed with BOC until he auditioned for the We Will Rock You musical in 2004. When Brian May began to put together the Queen and Paul Rodgers Tour, Brian asked Danny to be part of it. Playing with Queen and Paul Rodgers was a Rock n’ Roll Fantasy for Danny and a dream come true. After the Queen and Paul Rodgers tours and album The Cosmos Rocks, he then went on to play with Meatloaf until 2017. Later in 2017, he then found himself rejoining BOC. Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma told Danny that BOC is his home and he is always welcomed. Blue Oyster Cult is working on a new album to be released soon, so stay tuned!

Video interview with Danny Miranda

Blue Oyster Cult “Godzilla”

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Laurie Es of Lynette Shebyrd

Lynette Shebyrd

A Female fronted Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band

Laurie Es started Lynette Shebyrd (formerly Lynette Skynyrd) in 2010. Laurie, being a committed Skynyrd fan, wanted to establish the band because, as Laurie said, “You don’t hear too many all-female fronted Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute bands out there.” The band has gone through a few lead singers, but Laurie is back to handling the vocals (she was playing bass). They have a huge fan base and over 11,000 followers on Facebook. The band also does some covers of ZZ Top, Almman Brothers and Molly Hatchet. Lynyrd Skynyrd liked them enough to ask them to play at the opening of one of their restaurants in Las Vegas in 2011. During their performance, Dale Krantz Rossington even got up to help sing Sweet Home Alabama with the band. Lynette Shebyrd also played at the 40th anniversary of the plane crash site in Jacksonville, Florida

The band has released an album and has quite a few videos on YouTube. Check out the video interview below, and also another video of the band doing an unreleased Lynyrd Skynyrd song called, Cottonmouth Country.

Video interview with Laurie Es

Cottonmouth Country

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Bob Burger- The Weeklings and More

Bob Burger

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

Influences and Bands

Bob is from Erie, Pennsylvania, who transplanted himself to the New Jersey music scene in the 1980’s. His biggest influences are: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty, all to whom he does occasional tribute concerts. Bob has played with many well-known musicians from New Jersey and is part of the Max Weinberg band, “Jukebox.” Bob released his first solo album in 2003, titled Cymbals at Dawn and is working on his fourth.

Who are The Weeklings asks MUSICXPLORER?

The Weeklings are a band whose music is inspired by The Beatles.The band came together as a result of Glen Burtnik and the Beatles tribute shows he was doing. Since the launch of their first album in 2015, the band has received great reviews. The band’s latest release “3” (their third album) is doing extremely well. Check out their song and video below of their latest single, “In the Moment.”

Video interview with Bob Burger

The Weeklings “In The Moment”

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