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Rod M Rod Morgenstein

Rod Morgenstein

Highlights From Part One

In Part One, we discussed how Rod met guitarist Steve Morse when he attended the University of Miami in Florida. Steve had everything that Rod was looking for, something different and not doing the standard 4/4 time signature. Rod and Steve eventually formed Dixie Dregs. We also talked about how the band had a rough time getting signed, being turned down, how their music was difficult to market because they were a jazz fusion band with no vocals, odd timing, and that their music combines rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and classical influences. The group was finally signed to Capricorn in 1977, and recorded several albums before they temporarily disbanded in 1983. The band has been nominated six times for a Grammy award.

Dregs Success and Breakup

In Part Two, we discuss the ongoing success of the Dixie Dregs, Rod’s career highlights with the band, and funny moments. After the Dregs disbanded in 1983, Rod joined Steve Morse’s new band and stayed for two albums before wanting a musical change. Rod tells us how he came back to the NYC area to look for work and his auditions for George Michael, Billy Idol, Joe Lynn Turner, and others. He talks about being a professor, teaching percussion at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Recently offering, Drum Set Warm-Ups, touted as the definitive text for developing and improving all aspects of drum-set playing.  He is also a columnist for Modern Drummer magazine.

Interview with Rod Morgenstein (Part Two)

Dixie Dregs “Freefall”

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