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CC Coletti- Meat Loaf, Solo Career and Janis Joplin Tribute

CC Coletti – Vocalist

CC Coletti Band

CC, a New Jersey native, started singing and creating music at a young age. Her main influences are: Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, and Aretha Franklin. CC has two solo releases, Woodstock Lane, released in 2008, and her sophomore release, Let It All Hang Out in 2013. In addition to her second solo release in 2013, she recorded Bring It On Home with Chesky Records, a modern play on Led Zeppelin songs. Her latest release is a single with Anthony Krizan, called Crazy.

The CC Coletti Band has been the opening act for: The Doobie Brothers, Meat Loaf, The Outlaws, Brett Michaels, The Smithereens, South Side Johnny and The Asbury Jukes, and more.

Experience Janis

In 2009, CC put together “Experience Janis,” a tribute  to Janis Joplin.  The first song she learned to sing was, Me and Bobby McGee, so it came naturally for her to form the band. The success of “Experience Janis” has grown enough where the demand requires them to play theaters.

Meat Loaf 2003-2011

CC Coletti (Carolyn Coletti Jablonski) is known worldwide as a background vocalist with rock and roll legend, Meat Loaf and his Neverland Express World Tours from 2003 through 2011. CC can be heard on the Bat Out Of Hell Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra CD/DVD and 3 Bats Live DVD.

Video interview with CC Coletti

“Mercedes Benz” Video

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Tom Guerra- Solo Artist, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Writer


Guitarist for Mambo Sons and a Solo Artist

Tom Guerra, a solo artist, songwriter/guitarist whose credits are extraordinary. He has worked with a lot of well-known musicians throughout his career and has been in bands including Mambo Sons, The Dirty Bones Band, and The Delrays. Since 2014, he has released four solo albums, including his brand new release, Sudden Signs of Grace. The video for Sudden Signs of Grace features cameo appearances by many of his musician friends, such as, Dan Baird, GE Smith, Christine Ohlman, Jon Butcher, and Morgan Fisher, to name a few.

Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine and more

Besides being a skilled songwriter/guitarist, he’s also known for his features in Vintage Guitar and ToneQuest Report magazines. One of his most treasured articles is his story on Andy Fraser, the bassist for the band, Free. Andy saw the article he did about Paul Kossoff, and asked Tom if he would write his story.

Video interview with Tom Guerra

“Sudden Signs of Grace” Video

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Marc Jonson Singer/Songwriter

Marc Jonson

Critically Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

Who is Marc Jonson asks MUSICXPLORER?

Marc Jonson, is a singer/songwriter from Merrick, New York. Marc got his start in 1972 producing his own album, Years, with Vanguard Records. He has worked with a lot of artists over the years, and a number of them have recorded his songs, including Dave Edmunds, Robert Gordon, Paul Butterfield, and many others. Marc has also co-written songs or performed with Willie Nile (appearing on most of his albums), The Smithereens, Lisa Loeb, Shawn Colvin, and Suzanne Vega to name a few. His latest recordings will appear on his upcoming album, When, to be released in 2020. Marc’s latest collaboration is with a band from Spain, Compañía de Sueños Ilimitada, and their first single together is, My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like the Ramones.

Rolling Stone Magazine Review of Marc Jonson’s “Across The Night”

One of Marc’s most recent songs, Across The Night, was written for the SS United States Conservancy to help raise awareness of the historic ship’s fate performed at the Union League in Philadelphia. David Dalton, author and founding editor for Rolling Stone Magazine, said this about the song: “So great! I felt like I was on that liner leaning on the rail looking out at the stars in the night sky, and the lapping waves.”


Marc Jonson and Marianne Faithfull
Marc Jonson with The Smithereens


Video interview with Marc Jonson

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    Marc’s tribute to Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens

    Rainy Day Dues


Deerfield Cay, by Nobuddy Famous/Bud Castaldi, NJ Singer/Guitarist

Buddy Sparrow- New Video Interview

Buddy Sparrow/Nobuddy Famous

The man, myth, and legend of Deerfield Beach Island

MusicXplorer asks, who is Buddy Sparrow?

Buddy Sparrow/Nobuddy Famous, is a talented singer/guitarist from New Jersey who was very active in the 1980’s and 1990’s with his band, Direct Touch. Direct Touch was a popular local act in the New Jersey club circuit, and released several albums that received radio airplay. During the late 1990’s, Bud moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida. He continued to write songs and perform, and he was involved with several bands that also played his original music. In the early 2000’s, Bud decided to go under the moniker Nobuddy Famous, releasing an album in 2016 called “Deerfield Cay” to help support the Surfers for Autism, as well as getting the Deerfield Beach area’s attention. The album was produced by Tom Root in his home studio in New Jersey. Buddy is working on the follow-up to Deerfield Cay, to be released in 2020.

Trailer video of the interview with Buddy Sparrow

Full Interview

If you would like to be involved with this great organization, please click the link below to their website.

Below is the video of “Freedom Ride,” a song from the Deerfield Cay album. This song is dedicated to the children that have autism, as well as the organization, Surfers for Autism. “It really is an amazing, beautiful thing to see these kids surf on surfboards and their symptoms disappear,” said Bud.

“Freedom Ride” — Buddy Sparrow and Surfers For Autism


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Deerfield Cay, by Nobuddy Famous/Bud Castaldi, NJ Singer/Guitarist

Deerfield Cay

Album Notes
This album is dedicated to the island I call Deerfield Cay and the great people who cherish her. I fell in love with this place many years ago and wrote all of these songs in and around these beautiful beaches. – Track 1 – Deerfield Cay – It’s the barrier island extending from the lighthouse at Hillsboro Inlet north to the Boca Raton Inlet. When you come over the Hillsboro Bridge from the mainland you can feel your worries melt away. There are no “big shots” here and no-one judges another for their possessions. – Track 2 – Freedom Ride – The ocean is alive with every energy within it and is in constant flux with the gravitational energy of every heavenly body everywhere. It’s healing power is yet untold. Freedom ride was written for Surfer’s For Autism helping autistic children therapeutically by putting them on a surfboard. I was so amazed to see these children lose their symptoms while surfing that I had to write a song for the amazing parents, surfers and volunteers, ( who I call angels,) making this possible. – Track 3 – Silly Stupid Humans – Did you ever wonder what God, Moses, Jesus or Mohammed might say if they came to you in a dream? This song shreds the mask of absurdities the way only pure sarcasm can. It’s not meant to offend; just to reveal and after all… it’s only a dream… – Track 4 – Just How It Feels – Life on the water is a beautiful thing, especially when you have someone special to appreciate it with. Days on the water have been some of the most precious moments I have spent in my life. To feel the heave of the Gulfstream with no land in sight or to witness the stars on a clear night unobstructed by man-made light with someone special is beyond compare and I wish it for everyone. – Track 5 – Nobuddy Famous funk Jam – No matter what kind of day You had, Jim Murphy and the boys can cheer you up. This song was written for the band and the fans that make it all happen. Jammin’ by the ocean is our favorite gig and it doesn’t take much to spark a party on the Cay! – Track 6 – You Think Too Much – So often we are overwhelmed by the illusions of need thrust upon us by others who confuse need with greed. Our true needs are but few. We can count our true physical needs on one hand and our spiritual and emotional needs on the other. If our needs number more than 10 we can credit the remainder for the stress in our lives. To have enough is to be truly rich; to need more than enough is simply a contradiction. – Track 7 – Girls Want Money – A satirical commentary on the token economy often substituted for love during courtships and marriages whereby a money giver subjugates another for greed and ego while the other abandons morality for the want of things they do not need to feed their greed and ego. It’s really a set of business transactions, but maybe that’s why we call it a marriage contract! – Track 8 – Falseness – If we kill do we not steal life? If we steal do we not lie of ownership? If we lie do we not steal truth? Isn’t the prime root of all of sin “Falseness?” Isn’t the prime root of all goodness “Truth?” If one lies; do they not simply create the truth that they are attempting to be false? Must we judge our own sin by the edited words of humans long past while our creator’s original manuscript is scribed in every heart? – Track 9 – If You Were My Girl – The days on Deerfield Cay are beautiful but with the pier lit up and the warm salty southeast wind blowing through moonlit palms; the nights are equally so. I can’t tell you anymore about this song except that it was one of those nights.
Credits: This album was made possible by these individuals who gave of their time and talents free of charge that others might benefit. T. Root – Audio Engineer Buddy Sparrow – Lead Vox, Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar Jim Murphy – Bass Harmony Vox – Jennifer Troyan, Brenda Taylor, Rachel Castaldi, Vanessa Fernandez, Electric Guitars – Steve Takimoto, Jeff Hofelson, Dan Glenn Murray Caplinger – Bass (Just How It Feels) Front Album Photo – Ben Hicks


Jacob Daniels and the Rounds, NJ Rock Band

Jacob Daniels & the Rounds

Jacob Daniels & the Rounds

An all-new rock band from Edison, NJ

Who are Jacob Daniels & The Rounds?

Jacob Daniels & the Rounds is a new band that has emerged from the Edison area. Well, not that new. Jacob Daniels and Dan Neary are the brains behind the band and have been playing together for over 10 years. This band is their latest collaboration. Jake, the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist, and Dan who plays electric guitar as well as background vocals. The pair also perform in the Jake & Dan duo and trio. Dan is also in the popular cover band Event Horizon. Well, that’s enough of that. Let’s get on with the MusicXplorer interview and see what these guys are up to with the new album that is in the works.

MUSICXPLORER — Let’s get some history on you guys. How did you meet, and how long have you been playing together?

Dan — We met in 2007 while we were working at the Middlesex County College at the college book store. We went to from the same high school but didn’t hang out with each other.

Why was that?

Dan — Because Jake was a dumb-looking Dude. (Dan laughs)

Jake — Yeah, and Dan looked like a Bill or a Ted type from the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movies.

When and how did you start making music and collaborating?

Dan — I started playing at a young age and had a band in high school. We played the talent show,  and I have had my band, Derailer since 2008.

Jake — I started playing prior to 2008 making my own music, but I was doing it in my basement and was too scared to go out and play. I didn’t think I was good enough to play out.

Jake — We started talking about music at the book store and I told Dan that I had written songs on my acoustic, so we got together and I showed them to him.

How did your playing styles work out?  They are a bit different, especially with Dan doing electric.

Jake — I have a Richie Havens playing style. He is definitely a main influence for me, and I even got to meet him and gave him a CD of my music.

That’s so cool for people to get a chance to meet their inspiration!! So Dan, how about your style and influences?

Dan — I have a metal, 70’s and 80s style. My influences are a mix of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, and Slash.

So, how did you guys make it gel?

Dan — We tried figuring out how our two styles would work together, and it sort of balanced itself out after trial and error. Once we got this figured out, we started doing the open mic thing as a duo around 2008.

Jake — It took a few years for us playing the open mics to get it down right and for us to harmonize. By 2012 we felt good enough to really start playing out at regular gigs.

How did Jacob Daniels & the Rounds come about and who is Jacob Daniels?

Jake — A name like Jacob Schneck doesn’t sound too cool for a band name.  Daniel is my middle name and it sounded a lot better. Jack Daniels is my favorite drink, so it just fit.

Dan is the one that did the push for us to do the album. If it weren’t for him, quite honestly, we wouldn’t be here right now.

Dan — Aw man, that’s so nice.

Jake — Stop right now, I’m about to trash you. (Dan & Jake laugh)

Have you guys been in the studio before or is this your first time making an album?

Jake — I’ve never recorded in the studio before, but I did a video a few years ago for my song “All Gone Away” but I really don’t know anything about the musical equipment side, the PA, and stuff. I have no clue how that works.

Dan — I was asked by Roy Brunston to come and try out for his Audio Empire band and they seemed like a great group of guys, so we went into the studio to record the debut album with Joe DeMaio at Shorefire Studios in Red Bank. I gained a lot of knowledge from that experience. Since I had no idea how to make a record, I pushed Jake to make an album. Jake had so many great songs that were not professionally recorded, so I flat out told him he really needed to make one. It was overdue.

Tell us about the album. Who are the musicians on it and when you hope to release it.

Jake — Right now we have 10 years of songs that we are picking through and we are also writing new ones. We are recording at HiVoltage Studios in Long Branch with Tony Lewis. We also have Kevin Krueger on bass and Andy Herschman on drums. We have been playing with these two guys for some years now when we needed drums and bass for the four-piece band. During the recording, I give the band the freedom to be creative. We hope to have the EP out by early 2019.

We’ve heard you play the song “Little Bird” with the duo. That’s an original, right?

Jake — Yeah that song has been around a while and it is on the album

What’s that song all about?

Jake — That’s my favorite song! It’s about Twitter, social media, Facebook, etc., and how relationships never really go away. Unlike the old days,  when a relationship was done, it was done and you never saw that person again. But with social media today, people are always visible.

Thanks Dan and Jake for spending time with us. We look forward to the release of the album, and will catch up with you guys after it’s debut.

As we wait for the album to come out, check out some videos below and links to their sites.

“Thank God I Can Sing” — Jake & Dan at Mexicali Live

“All Gone Away” — Official Music Video