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Sebastian LaBar and Custom 1980 Les Paul Sebastian LaBar and Custom 1980 Les Paul

Sebastian LaBar

(Tantric guitarist) talks about his Gibson Les Paul

Who is Sebastian LaBar?

Sebastian is the guitarist for the band,Tantric, that he joined in 2017.  Previously, he was with the Philadelphia based band, MACH22. Sebastian’s father, Jeff LaBar, was the guitarist for the band, Cinderella.

Seven guitars. One has to be your favorite.

Sebastian has a number of guitars, including the Gibson Les Paul Custom his father gave him. Jeff gave Sebastian a lot of his guitars, but the Les Paul in this interview is his favorite. There are a lot of stories behind the guitar and Sebastian discusses some of them. He gives us a taste of how the Les Paul sounds through a Supro amp.
As mentioned, his favorite guitar is the 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom that his father used on the Cinderella albums and when he was on tour. The guitar has a lot of history. Unfortunately, it was damaged a few times and even had the head stock sheared off, but still sounds great.


Sebastian’s influences are, of course, his father, Jeff, George Lynch, Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, Angus Young, and Doug Aldrich to name a few.

Check out the full video interview below

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Full Interview

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