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Steve Brown

Trixter and Eddie Van Halen

Steve Brown, a guitarist from New Jersey, had his career picked out ever since he heard Kiss and Van Halen.  He immediately picked up playing guitar at nine years old, and had his first band at the age of 12, named Trixter. From the get go, Steve modeled his band after Van Halen. The band’s popularity increased through the 80’s playing with acts like, Kix and Skid Row. The band was signed to Mechanic/MCA Records in1989 and released their debut album, Trixter, which featured the hits: “One in a Million” and “Give it to Me Good.” The band toured, opening for Stryper and Don Dokken, then Poison, and the Scorpions. In1991, they formed the Blood, Sweat & Beers tour with Warrant and FireHouse.
During the recording of their second album, Hear!, in 1991Steve met Eddie Van Halen and began a friendship that lasted until Eddie’s passing in 2020. In 1994, the band decided to call it a day after their third album, Undercovers. Trixter regrouped in 2007, and made two more albums in 2012 and 2015.

Def Leppard and Tokyo Motor Fist

Steve has been involved with many bands and solo artists over the years, including Joe Lynn Turner, Dennis DeYoung, Wizards of Winter, and more. In 2013, Def Leppard invited him to play guitar while guitarist Vivian Campbell took a break; and In May of 2018, the band asked him to fill in for guitarist Phil Collen.
Frontiers Music asked Steve to put a band together in 2017 and immediately asked Chuck Burgi, Ted Poly, and Greg Smith to join the band to became known as Tokyo Motor Fist.  They released their self-titled album with great praise. Tokyo Motor Fist released their follow up – Lions, in 2020. Steve has produced and is the guitarist for both albums, stating that Lions is his greatest work yet.

Video interview with Steve Brown

Steve with Def Leppard

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