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Scott McDonald – Guitarist for the Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band- TUSK

Scott is a founding member of the highly successful band. He discusses the band, Lindsey Buckingham, and his upcoming solo album.

MUSICXPLORER asks what is the history on Tusk?

The band has been together for almost 12 years. Scott and Tom Nelson have known each other ever since they were toddlers. They were both mutual friends with Kathy, Kim, and Randy since the early 1990’s. A mutual friend of the band suggested to them that they form a Fleetwood Mac tribute band, and the rest is history. The band has been playing to sold-out theaters across the country, and will be going to Hawaii for the first time this April. Their Youtube video of The Chain has reached over two million views!
We did our interview with Scott at the Count Basie Theater in Redbank, NJ. The band played to an almost sold-out crowd of 1,400. In the video interview, you can see Bruce Springsteen’s guitars in a case as the backdrop.

The band recently had one of the rarest opportunities for any band, to be able to play with an orchestra.

Scott- “We did the show with a 65 piece orchestra. We met Jim Ross, a viola player with The Desert Symphony, who had played with The Eagles recently, and they were top-notch pros. It was a fantastic experience. We performed a 75 minute set to an audience of approximately 900 plus people.

Tusk with the Desert Symphony
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band -TUSK
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band -TUSK


New solo album to be released this year.

Scott is working on his latest solo album, and it is being produced by Brian Anthony, set to be released later in 2020. Tom from Tusk is on most of the album, while the other members of Tusk are on some songs. The album is going to be more hard rock than Fleetwood Mac songs, but will still have pop elements. MusicXplorer will follow up with Scott after his album is released,

Video interview with Scott McDonald

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