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Bubba Grouch, Northern NJ Rock Band


A Northern NJ band fusing blues and pop influences with a slight southern rock sound

Who are Bubba Grouch?

Bubba Grouch began when seasoned musicians Jimi Alan (Guitars) and Eddie Territo (Vocals) met in 2009 while both were members of Northern New Jersey Hard Rock band Our Black Friday. They quickly became friends and have been making music together ever since. After writing and recording more than 20 demos over three years as a side project, the pair decided the time was right to put some quality players together and bring their music to life.In February 2012 enter Tim McDermott (Bass), Greg Forgey (Guitar), and Ross Kantor (Drums). The band rehearsed and refined the songs live before heading into the recording studio. They played a few select live performances throughout NY, NJ, and PA from 2012 and early 2013, but spent most of their time working on their debut CD “Tin Whiskers.” which was released on Soul Tree Records July 4, 2013.Tragedy struck the band in early 2014 when bassist Tim McDermott was eaten by a pack of wild boar during a late night deep sea dolphin sex expedition.* The band deeply mourned the loss of their fallen brother, but luckily a long time friend and musical partner of Eddie, Jason Miller agreed to dust off his Rickenbacker Tuxedo and come out of retirement to rock the bottom for the band.

What’s next for Bubba Grouch?

Bubba Grouch has been hard at work in the studio promising to release a new CD sometime in mid 2019. Tour dates are will be announced later in the season. Say tuned to MusicXplorer for updates on the new album, interviews and tour dates. You must see these guys live! They absolutely smoke!!! With some good luck they will make their comeback at their home base at the legendary blues club, The Stanhope House, in Stanhope NJ.

* A message from the band…

The story about Tim McDermott’s death is not true. The truth is Tim’s life took a path that required him to relocate to Florida, where he is alive and well. The band loves Tim and wish him nothing but the best.

More good stuff that MusicXplorer will be bringing to you about Bubba Grouch…

  • An interview with Jimi and Eddie about what’s in store for the band later in 2019 and the story behind the Bubba Dude???
  • An interview with Jimi about his life being an engineer and his studio — Rockslide Studios

Check out the band playing “Whiskey Song” in the video below. This was recorded at the Stanhope House. If you look closely, you can see a large picture of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Stevie played here before his career took off.

“The Whiskey Song” — Bubba Grouch Live at The Stanhope House

“Broken But Home” — Bubba Grouch Unplugged on WDHA Radio!!


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