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Lou Reed and Brenda Sauter Lou Reed and Brenda Sauter

Brenda Sauter- The Feelies

The Feelies

Brenda is a multi-talented musician, as she sings, plays bass, guitar, and piano. Brenda has been a member of The Feelies since 1983 and has recorded with them since their second album, The Good Earth in 1986. The Feelies have been a highly-influential band to such artists as R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Weezer, Wilco, and others. Some of the bands’ highlights are appearing in Jonathan Demme’s film, Something Wild, opening for R.E.M. in 1986, and Lou Reed in 1989. The Feelies currently play 10-15 shows each year (mainly along the East Coast) and have released six albums and several EP’s.

Brenda’s other bands

Brenda has also been involved in other bands associated with The Feelies. She began in 1982 by joining The Trypes, Yung Wu (with Dave Weckerman fronting the band), and the The Willies (a more ambient precursor of the 1983 Feelies lineup). These bands were and still are from Haledon, NJ. Brenda joined Speed The Plough in 1991 after The Feelies stopped playing. She joined other musicians, including future husband, Richard Barnes, in 1992 to form Wild Carnation. They have released two CD’s, and a third to come.

Video Interview With Brenda

The Feelies “Doin’ It Again”

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