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Bob Burger

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter

Influences and Bands

Bob is from Erie, Pennsylvania, who transplanted himself to the New Jersey music scene in the 1980’s. His biggest influences are: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty, all to whom he does occasional tribute concerts. Bob has played with many well-known musicians from New Jersey and is part of the Max Weinberg band, “Jukebox.” Bob released his first solo album in 2003, titled Cymbals at Dawn and is working on his fourth.

Who are The Weeklings asks MUSICXPLORER?

The Weeklings are a band whose music is inspired by The Beatles.The band came together as a result of Glen Burtnik and the Beatles tribute shows he was doing. Since the launch of their first album in 2015, the band has received great reviews. The band’s latest release “3” (their third album) is doing extremely well. Check out their song and video below of their latest single, “In the Moment.”

Video interview with Bob Burger

The Weeklings “In The Moment”

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